SCPSolver – A Java Integer Linear Programming framework with interfaces to popular open source solvers

Most solvers for linear programs are implemented in C/C++ for performance reasons. Java developers can use JNI interfaces for some solvers. However most interfaces are pretty difficult to setup, and lock the developer in to a specific solver. SCPSolver was developed to overcome those issues. The library has the following features:

  • easy to deploy on Linux, Mac Os X and Windows with prebuilt linear programming libraries (almost dependency-free)
  • plugin-concept: write model, use different solvers to solve it
  • low learning curve: very simple, no-frills API

Please go to the projects homepage for more details.

SmallGP – A simple and lean implementation of symbolic regression

SmallGP is a implementation of Symbolic Regression [1] wich is compact by  means of lines of code and memory usage. SmallGP is a commandline-tool. All important parameters can be changed easily.

The repository is now on Github: